Thursday, 23 May 2013

Jamie Oliver's Butterflied Sardines Tuscan Bread Salad

2 Jamie recipes cooked this week and this is my favourite!

This is the first time I've cooked sardines, I've always avoided them as sardines bring to mind the tinned ones in tomatoes that my mum used to eat on toast - and I think the cat as a treat!

These were amazing, bought fresh from Fleetwood on the morning I was cooking. I followed Jamie's recipe religiously (apart from replacing fennel seeds with dried oregano and omitted the capers - just because I didn't have any!).

The salad was amazing, I'm not the best at eating salads but have already made this for a second time, the combination of cherry tomatoes, cooked red peppers, anchovies, feta cheese and ciabatta is fantastic.

The bonus - only 399 calories :-)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Update on my 90 Day Challenge

7 days in on my 90 day challenge and I've lost 4lbs which makes me happy.

Shakes are tasty and apart from the first day I've not been too hungry, I look forward to my evening meal and have realised the reason I need to lose weight is that I eat too much! I've learnt this by making Jamie's 15 minute meals which are calorie counted, they are tasty and fulfilling and I'll be sharing my favourite recipes over the next few days.

Additional benefit of the 90 day challenge is the extra energy I seem to have, not finding it all difficult to get up for the gym and training hard.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

90 Day Challenge

So tomorrow morning I start the 90 day challenge!

Now my life's back on track there's no excuses to be overweight and unfit so all you'll see on my blog for a while are healthy eating recipes which I'll be eating alongside my healthy shakes to help me loose those extra pounds.

If anyone has some light recipes to share let me know!