Sunday, 24 April 2011


Hello and welcome to my new blog which is all about food!

I can't believe it's 30 years since I went to college to 'study' Home Economics!

Whilst I loved my time at college learning to cook and present beautiful food, I fell by the wayside and my working life took me down an entirely different path than I intended at that time.

Over the years I have taken the easy way out - convenience meals - because I didn't have time, takeaways - because I didn't have time, eating out -beacause I didn't have time!!!

Cooking is a bit like the gym, yes it's hard to find time but you can find the time if you really want!

The last few years I've rekindled my love of cooking - and the gym (essential if you want to eat nice food!) and have tried and tested lots of great recipes.

I know many of my friends also love cooking, the process of selecting a recipe, shopping for ingredients, being in the kitchen and feeding family and friends.

What seems to be difficult for many is the mundane Monday to Friday meals. Dinner parties, Birthday parties are exciting and enjoyable to plan for but everyday meals are a bit more laborious.

My blog will bring you a selection of everything. Monday to Friday mundane, Weekend sharing food with friends, Dinner Party and Celebration food, Baking - I just love baking but know I will have to spend time at the gym if I eat cake!

I hope you will enjoy, try my tried and tested recipes and please share your own by emailing me - I'll post as many contributions as I can.

Look forward to sharing your foody experiences.

Gail xx

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