Thursday, 2 August 2012

Squid & Potatoes

I've had Ravinder Bhogal's 'Cook in Boots' book for a while now and a couple of months ago made a list of recipes I wanted to try. Squid and Potatoes was one of them but I've not been able to buy squid for ages - don't know why! Anyway today I bought some and was not disappointed. It's a really easy recipe which just involves boiling chunks of waxy potatoes until fluffy round the edges and then frying (!) them in olive oil and butter with some bashed garlic cloves and bay leaf,quickly chargrill prepared squid, put in pan with potatoes, add a couple of teaspoons of sweet paprika and juice from half a lemon, add some chopped parsley and serve drizzled with a little more olive oil - DELICIOUS!

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