Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Jamie Oliver's Camembert Parcels - Another 15 Minute Meal

My third Jamie 15 minute meal in 2 days!

Camembert Parcels with Autumn Salad and Cranberry Dip, took a little longer than 15 minutes and had an issue with the filling oozing out of my filo - my fault for wrapping too tightly I think, but otherwise a success and very tasty!


  1. Hi there, I've been trying to find this particular recipe on the internet for ages, and cant find it anywhere! are you able to give it to me?


  2. Hi Nina
    Tear 200g Camembert into a food processor with 100g shelled walnuts, half a bunch of chives and zest of 1 lemon, blitz until combined. Take 4 sheets of filo, fold each one in half widthways, add 1/4 of the mixture across the bottom of one folded sheet in a sausage shap, push your thumb into the centre to make space for the filling to expand (you do need to do this - mine burst the first time!) roll up loosely like a long cigar, repeat to make 4 parcels, rub each with olive oil and fry until golden and crispy - Enjoy!

  3. Thx heaps. Just made them. Yummmmm